MS-220 Study Guide: Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Online

Welcome to my MS-220 exam study guide. The MS-220 exam (troubleshooting exchange online) is designed to prove you have the ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues with exchange online. My aim with this guide is to get you fully prepared to take the MS-220 exam and pass. This guide will provide you with directions to all the content you need to create a solid study plan.

MS-220 exam information

Candidates for this exam work with customers and other stakeholders to understand the details of any issues. They also interact with administrators and peers that work with other related technologies.

Candidates should have experience with PowerShell and the Exchange PowerShell module. The support engineer should also have significant experience deploying, managing, and troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Online environments.

Path to certification

MS-220 Exam

Skills measured

  • Troubleshoot mail flow issues
  • Troubleshoot compliance and retention issues
  • Troubleshoot mail client issues
  • Troubleshoot Exchange Online configuration issues
  • Troubleshoot hybrid and migration issues

Is the MS-220 exam hard?

The MS-220 exam is a speciality exam. It is not specifically a beginner, associate or expert level exam. However, you should know that it is not easy… just being an Exchange online administrator for a long time is not enough to pass this exam. When diving into the exam’s skills outline you will see that the content covered is almost every aspect of Exchange online and includes features that you likely do not use every day, or ever…

How to study for the MS-220 exam

Having a solid study plan is key to passing any Microsoft exam. A solid study plan will make learning most effective and give you a good boost of confidence before your exam date. With that being said, I will explain how I prepare for Microsoft exams, which you use for the MS-220 exam.

1. Firstly I review the exams Microsoft Docs that I have listed in this post. Clearly highlight yourself which areas you are already confident with and which areas you know you need to study. This will allow you to focus on topics that are most important.

2. Use the Microsoft Learning Paths from Microsoft Learn to bulk up the previous knowledge you have gained from the official Microsoft documentation. The learning modules will often take the information from the Microsoft documentation and apply it to a real work scenario. 

3. Utilise any free trial subscriptions for Microsoft or Azure products to gain real and practical experience for what you are studying. Check out my post if you need help with this: How to get Free Azure Services directly from Microsoft

4. Use YouTube to find exam cram videos that you can whizz through before your exam date. These will both help you solidify the knowledge you already have and help you choose some areas that need additional attention.

MS-220 Microsoft Docs exam study guide

Troubleshoot mail flow issues (20–25%)

Troubleshoot Exchange Online mail flow issues

Troubleshoot mail flow issues with external systems

Troubleshoot other mail flow issues

Troubleshoot issues reported by Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Troubleshoot compliance and retention issues (25–30%)

Troubleshoot compliance issues

Troubleshoot retention issues

Troubleshoot Office Message Encryption (OME) and S/Mime issues

Troubleshoot mailbox auditing Issues

Troubleshoot journaling

Troubleshoot mail client issues (20–25%)

Troubleshoot connectivity and authentication issues

Troubleshoot calendaring Issues

Troubleshoot calendar sharing issues

Troubleshoot issues with mobile devices

Troubleshoot Exchange Online configuration issues (15–20%)

Troubleshoot provisioning issues

Troubleshoot recipient issues

Troubleshoot org-wide settings

Troubleshoot public folder Issues

Troubleshoot hybrid and migration issues (10–15%)

Troubleshoot hybrid configuration issues

Troubleshoot migration issues

MS-220 Microsoft Learn Paths

Microsoft learning paths are designed to give you full and in-depth resources to study for the exam in question and in our case for the MS-220 exam (troubleshooting Exchange online).

Microsoft has not officially released a dedicated training path for the MS-220 exam yet however I have collated a list of related paths which will aid towards your study for this exam. 

MS-220 Microsoft Learning Path


Thank you for taking the time to ready my MS-220 exam study guide for troubleshooting Exchange online. I hope this guide has helped you prepare to take and pass the exam!

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