Hello, I’m Daniel. I live in the United Kingdom and I currently work as a technical architect specialising in Microsoft Entra, Intune and Microsoft Graph. I have been a Microsoft MVP in security since July 2023. 

I started blogging in 2020 to share my knowledge with online communities to help them study for and pass Microsoft Exams. Now I blog about my love for Microsoft Entra, Intune and automation with Microsoft Graph PowerShell. 

Everything written on ourcloudnetwork.com is based on my own experience. I do not use AI tools to generate content.

Some articles may be sponsored and when so, it will be made clear within the article. I will always give my honest opinion about the products I write articles for, whether they are sponsored or not.

In 2024, I launched my new book, Microsoft Graph PowerShell for Administrators, with the goal to teach and enable administrators to use Microsoft Graph PowerShell to manage their Microsoft environments.

You can connect with me through LinkedIn and Twitter.