OurCloudNetwork is a platform where IT professionals, developers, engineers and all round IT geeks can come and learn about Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Windows, DevOps, Automation.. and almost anything else related. 

We are always seeking writers of all levels. Whether you are a junior, just starting your career or considered a subject matter expert, why not write on a platform with an existing audience and share your knowledge with everyone!

Content we're looking for

As you can imagine, the IT world is vast, with millions of possible topics. However, we do have some criteria to must meet.

Articles must be on topic with our Niche. OurCloudNetworks primary audience is IT professionals, system administrators, automation experts and the like. Your article must focus this audience.

Articles must be original. Content written for OurCloudNetwork must not be and never be published elsewhere.

Articles must aim to educate. All articles must serve a purpose and that purpose is to educate the reader. It could be a detailed write up on how a service works or a detailed technical guide, for example..

There is a minimum word count. All articles must be at least 1,500 words in length (Title and contents included).

Why write for us?

You will be paid. You will be paid up to $100 depending on length and quality of the article.

You will get full credit for your articles. Every article you publish will be clearly attributed to you, via links to your social media pages.

Your content will be promoted. OurCloudNetwork is already well established in search engines, furthering the reach of your articles audience.

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