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Azure labs are test environments in the Azure cloud that allow you to complete a full scenario of setting up and configuring a workspace. This could include but is not limited to; creating virtual machines, setting up web servers, implementing security enhancements and much more.

Microsoft Azure labs are the fastest way to gain real experience with Azure environments. They are designed to guide you step by step through a secured sandbox environment at no additional cost. Azure Labs are a great way to learn Azure and prepare for Azure certifications.

List of Free Azure Labs

Microsoft Learn Labs

Microsoft Learn is the number 1 place I go when I want to start studying and specifically need access to an Azure lab. You can access the home page here and once you are there you can select from the hundreds of learning paths that have available. But more specifically, many of the courses they have available contain Microsoft Azure Sandbox subscriptions, that are used for the learning path. Luckily for us, not only can you use these temporary Azure sandbox subscriptions to follow the learning path guide, but you can do your own testing within the limitations of the subscription also.

Cloud Academy Labs

Cloud Academy offer a huge range of labs, covering Azure networking services, compute services, dev-ops, AI and much more. You can access the labs here. The last are ordered by those deemed essential, those that have been recently added and by the most popular. There is a free trial available for the first 7 days, so yes, this means it is not free. But if your employer is encouraging you to study, you should encourage them to pay. After the free trial, it is £29 per month.

Pluralsight Labs

Pluralsight is a large skills provider specialising in cloud computing and coding. They are often praised by Microsoft and have partners with them to provide free training and labs for Microsoft Azure. The lab’s page can be accessed here. You will need to register to access their free content. You will also be given a free 10 day trial to the full site, then after that, it is £24 per month.

Why use Azure labs?

Investing your time to complete Azure labs is a really enjoyable process. You will gain some valuable hands-on experience with Azure infrastructure without you having to pay (for the most part!), it looks great on a CV and will do wonders with your confidence in Azure. 

By combining your written and visual study with many hands-on Azure lab experiences, you will be giving yourself the best chance at passing Azure exams. 

Along with this you can give yourself the best possible chance at passing by checking out my feedback from actually taking and passing Azure Exams: Azure Exam Feedback.

Azure labs on GitHub

GitHub is a great place to find many community-created Azure labs on any subject. To start you are going to want to create an Azure trial account, this will provide you 12 months of access to Azure with $200 in credit for you to use. Start by checking out our post: How to get free Azure services.

Now you have your Azure free trial account setup you can head over to GitHub and search ‘Azure Labs’, you will see there are over 1,400 results!

Azure Labs list

Here you can choose from some of your favourite Azure labs to get some hand-on practice.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope I have helped you get some hands-on experience with Azure and you are well on your way to passing that Azure exam!

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