New Teams Telephony Admin Role in Teams Admin Center

Microsoft have just announced the release of a new role in the Teams Admin Center, the Teams Telephony Admin Role, through the Microsoft 365 message center (MC715426). This new RBAC (Role Based Access Control) role has been specifically designed to manage telephony-related functions within the Teams Admin Center.

This means that no longer will admin have to rely on assigned over-privileged roles to telephony engineers to access voice related features in the Teams Admin Center. Rolling out in early March 2024, admins can improve their existing assignment and reduce over-privileged access of Teams within their environment. 

At the same time, any organisations which have prevented telephony engineers from having access to the portal due to the previous limitation, can now revisit this task.

What does the Teams Telephony Admin Role allow you to access?

The role enabled standalone management of telephony features in the Teams Admin Center, including:

  • User Management: View user lists and manage voice settings and voice-related policies for individual users.
  • Voice Management: Access phone numbers, locations, voice apps, and direct routing settings for the entire tenant
  • Analytics and Reporting: View and manage public switched telephone network (PSTN) related reports (PSTN Blocked Users, PSTN Minute pools, PSTN & SMS Usage, and Audio Conferencing dial-out usage).

When will then Teams Telephony Admin Role be available?

Organisations will be able to take advantages of this new role in late February to early March, when the rollout of the new feature begins.


Wrapping up, this is a great addition to the Teams Admin Center for provide more granular control to administrators. Assumedly, this new role will also enable the same control over Teams using the Teams PowerShell module and/or Microsoft Graph. However, the the Teams Administrator Roles page on Microsoft Learn has now been updated to include detailed information yet. 

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