MS-102 Exam Study Guide – Microsoft 365 Administrator

Welcome to my MS-102: Microsoft 365 Administrator exam study guide. This guide collates all of the best free learning resources from Microsoft documents, community blog posts and videos, which directly relate to each skill listed in the exam requirements. The goal is to assist you with your study and help you easily pass the MS-102 exam.

By following this guide for the MS-102 exam, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance at finishing the exam with a pass!

About the MS-102 exam

The MS-102 exam is the single exam required to earn you the Microsoft 365 Certified: Administrator Expert certification. It is aimed at Microsoft 365 experts who have experience in deploying, maintaining and managing Microsoft 365 environments including workloads that reach infrastructure outside of Microsoft 365. 

Full exam description

Candidates for this exam are Microsoft 365 administrators who deploy and manage Microsoft 365. They perform Microsoft 365 tenant-level implementation and administration of cloud and hybrid environments.

Microsoft 365 administrators function as the integrating hub for all Microsoft 365 workloads. They coordinate across multiple Microsoft 365 workloads. They work with architects and other administrators responsible for workloads, infrastructure, identity, security, compliance, endpoints, and applications.

Candidates for this exam have functional experience with all Microsoft 365 workloads and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra, and have administered at least one of these. They also have a working knowledge of networking, server administration, DNS, and PowerShell.

Although only 1 exam is required to earn the certification (where-as there was previously 2, the MS-100 and MS-101), there is still a pre-requisite certification needed, see the certification path below.

Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator Expert path
Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator Expert path

My MS-102 exam feedback

I completed the MS-102 in May 2023 while it was still in the beta phase, although my experience will still be almost the same as those taking the full exam after July 2023, so bear that in mind.

Overall I found the exam covered a wide range of services in M365, however, it did focus quite heavily on Microsoft Defender.  I highly suggest during your study you consistently practice with your Microsoft Defender technologies across all areas including Defender for Cloud, Defender for identity, Defender for endpoint and so on. 

Unfortunately during the exam, I was still plagued by some of the same poorly worded questions and spelling mistakes that I found in the MS-101 prior exam. 

The questions we in the usual Microsoft exam format, which consisted of scenario-based questions, drag and drop, fill out the blank, yes or no and standard single-answer questions. 

Deploy and manage a Microsoft 365 tenant (25–30%)

Implement and manage a Microsoft 365 tenant

Manage users and groups

Manage roles in Microsoft 365

Implement and manage identity and access in Azure AD (25–30%)

Implement and manage identity synchronization with Azure AD

Implement and manage authentication

Implement and manage secure access

Manage security and threats by using Microsoft 365 Defender (25–30%)

Manage security reports and alerts by using the Microsoft 365 Defender portal

Implement and manage email and collaboration protection by using Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Implement and manage endpoint protection by using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Manage compliance by using Microsoft Purview (15–20%)

Implement Microsoft Purview information protection and data lifecycle management

Implement Microsoft Purview data loss prevention (DLP)

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