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Download the office Azure Icons directly from Microsoft! In this article, we will share with you where you can obtain the latest Azure Icon set for use with your infrastructure drawings. We will also share our tips and tricks to making expert looking architecture drawings.

Download the latest Azure Icons > Here

Terms of use

Microsoft permits the use of these icons in architectural diagrams, training materials, or documentation. You may copy, distribute, and display the icons only for the permitted use unless granted explicit permission by Microsoft. Microsoft reserves all other rights.

If you wish to learn about Azure or are thinking about taking an Azure Certification, check out the following

Example Architecture Diagram with Azure Icons

Azure Icon Set Download

About Azure Icons

The Azure Icons provided by Microsoft are to help you design and architect new Azure solutions. By designing great solutions and visual imagery you are bettering communication and aiding in design decisions between different components of your infrastructure and workload. 

The Azure Icons provided by Microsoft are always being updated, so make sure you occasionally refer back to the above link and re-download the latest copy whenever services are added or changed.

What you should do with the Azure Icons

  • Use the icons to illustrate your workspace and workflow
  • Include the product name next to the icon
  • Use the icons as they would appear in Azure
What not do to!
  • Do not alter the orientation of the icons
  • No not manipulate or distort the icons in any way
  • Do not use the icons to represent your own product or service

Check out pre-set Azure Acrhitecture Diagrams

Microsoft allows you to view hundreds of pre-set Azure Architecture diagrams that utilise the very same Azure Icons that you can download above. You can view the only library of architectures here and find one that matches your environment the most. Once you have found a similar architecture you can download the Microsoft Visio file and adjust the diagram to meet your own requirements!

Browse Azure Architectures

Why is it important to visualise your Azure environment?

Microsoft Azure has no abundance of different services, technologies and workflows. The possibilities of using Azure in your environment are endless and even the smallest of environments can become quite complete, very quickly. 

Using the Azure Icons to visualise your environment allows you to get a clear picture of how different services interact with each other. This is especially important when working in a Hybrid or multi-cloud environment when your infrastructure is not maintained from a single pane of glass. 

A visual representation of your workspace allows other key members to understand how a service is pieced together, and not just the service owner or architect. It is important other team members such as support, security and compliance understand how your systems are integrated to provide the best and most secure experience for your organisation.


Thank you for taking the time to read our article. Hopefully, now you know how to download the latest Azure Icon set and how best these should be used in your organisation.

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