Introducing the Microsoft Entra Suite license

If you manage to keep a close I on the available licensing in Microsoft 365, you may have noticed the addition of the Microsoft Entra Suite license in the portal. At first glance, Microsoft Entra Suite is a concoction of premium licensed features on top of the Microsoft 365 E5 license with the assumed focus on enabling full zero trust identity architecture in Microsoft Entra. 

In this article, I take a look at the new Microsoft Entra Suite license, what is included in the Microsoft Entra Suite and whether it is worth the price.

What is Microsoft Entra Suite

Microsoft Entra Suite is an offering that consists of Microsoft Entra ID Governance, Microsoft Entra Private Access, Microsoft Entra Internet Access, premium Microsoft Entra Verified ID features, and advanced Identity Protection Microsoft Entra value.
Currently, there are various flavours of the Entra Suite license including:
  • Microsoft Entra Suite – This is the core (license) license.
  • Microsoft Entra Suite for FLW – This version is aimed at front-line workers, although there is no difference in the included service plans
  • Microsoft Entra Suite Step-Up – This is a license for customers who already have a Microsoft Entra Premium P2 license in an existing license plan.

What's included with Microsoft Entra Suite

Taking a deeper look at the Microsoft Entra Suite license reveals the plans and features included within the license. Using Microsoft Graph PowerShell with the following command has revealed the below information.

Connect-MgGraph -Scope Organization.Read.All

$subscribedSkuId = "4e67cd72-f73a-42aa-a841-b8dd6ec328ca_f9602137-2203-447b-9fff-41b36e08ce5d"

Get-MgSubscribedSku -SubscribedSkuId $subscribedSkuId
Microsoft Entra Verified ID Premium
  • Service Plan Name: Verifiable_Credentials_Service_Request
  • Service Plan ID: aae826b7-14cd-4691-8178-2b312f7072ea
  • Applies to: Company
Microsoft Entra ID P2
  • Service Plan Name: AAD_PREMIUM_P2
  • Service Plan ID: eec0eb4f-6444-4f95-aba0-50c24d67f998
  • Applies to: User
Microsoft Entra Private Access
  • Service Plan Name: Entra_Premium_Private_Access
  • Service Plan ID: f057aab1-b184-49b2-85c0-881b02a405c5
  • Applies to: User
Microsoft Entra Internet Access
  • Service Plan Name: Entra_Premium_Internet_Access
  • Service Plan ID: 8d23cb83-ab07-418f-8517-d7aca77307dc
  • Applies to: User
Entra ID Governance
  • Service Plan Name: Entra_Identity_Governance
  • Service Plan ID: e866a266-3cff-43a3-acca-0c90a7e00c8b
  • Applies to: User

Microsoft Entra Suite vs Microsoft 365 E5

Commonly, administrators expect some serious functionality to be included with their expensive Microsoft 365 E5 license. However, some core features needed to further govern identities in Microsoft Entra, require additional licensing which is now bundled into the Microsoft Entra Suite.

In comparison, the only plan that is included in both the Microsoft Entra Suite and Microsoft 365 E5 license is the Microsoft Entra ID Plan 2 license plan.

Alone the Entra ID Plan 2 license RRP is £7.40 user/month. Compared to the Entra Suite which is £11.88 per user/month. This means that for £4.48 user/month, you get the following:

  • Microsoft Entra ID Governance –  ‎£5.80
  • Microsoft Entra Verified ID = £unknown…
  • Microsoft Entra Private Access = £4.92
  • Microsoft Entra Internet Access = £4.92

Unfortunately, with a lack of complete information about the pricing of the Verified ID premium features, it is hard to make an exact cost analysis of the product.

By doing a quick addition of the included licenses in the Microsoft Entra Suite, each of the known products total £23.04. This is significantly less that the £11.88 for the combined license. By taking into consideration the step-up license, which costs £8.88, this is still a cost saving if you combined the remaining products which total £15.64.

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