How to setup Azure AD Company Branding For Your Organisation

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Changing your Azure AD company branding allows you to customise your organisations Azure Active Directory sign-in page by using your own organisation’s company logo and colour scheme. 

The company branding appears when users sign in to your organisation’s tenant-specific sign-in page, such as Users can also sign into and once they enter their username the company branding will automatically change on the page.

Why do I need to configure my Azure AD Company Branding?

Updating your company branding helps build the visual identity for your business. By adding backgrounds, images and logos to your Azure AD user experience it helps ensure consistency and reduces confusion for your employees. The branding will also help ensure your staff know they have reached a legitimate company page. As such, creating a consistent look and feel across your corporate environment should be part of any cloud or infrastructure migration planning.

Configure your Azure AD Company Branding

Start by signing into the Azure Active Directory Portal here, the select Azure Active Directory, then Company Branding and then Configure.

Azure AD Company Branding Guide

The Configure company branding page will appear like below.

The two primary options here are the options to upload a background image for your sign-in page and also a banner logo.

The Background image is displayed in full on the company login page and will take up the full background.

The Banner Logo appears at the top of the sign-in box and should represent your company logo. 

You need to take note of both the Image Size and File Size requirements of both images.

The username hint and Sign-on page text should be used at your own discretion. My advice is to leave these options un-configured. Providing any additional information that a malicious actor could engineer should be left out.

Advanced Settings

Sign-in background colour – You should have this enabled if you have users which may have high-latency connections that may not be able to load the sign-in image. This will replace the image with a colour of your choosing.  The colour should be represented in RDG colour code hex format.

Square logo image – The square logo image is used to represent users accounts in your organisation. This can appear on Azure AD modern authentication sign-in pages, for example, when licensing Office apps or when provisioning new Windows 10 Machines to Azure AD or MDM.

Square logo image Dark Theme – This is the same as the above however I believe this is no longer required.

Show option to remain signed in – This feature allows the users to see the option to remain signed in when signing into Azure AD online. This allows users to choose whether they want their session to end when they close their web browser or remain signed in after the close and re-open their web browser. 


I hope this page has helped you configure your company branding for your Azure AD tenant. If you want to know more about Azure Active Directory check out our post, What is Azure Active Directory? A Simple Walkthrough

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