How to Forward Messages in Microsoft Teams Chats

I have always wanted the ability to forward Teams chats from one chat to another, the ability presents an easy way to re-share information with others or to provide reminders directly to users from group or meeting chats which may have been forgotten about. 

There have also been countless times when relevant information has been shared during meetings, which could be useful to staff who could not attend. It also avoids copying important information to your clipboard, which can often be accidentally pasted to the wrong place at the wrong time.

In November 2023, the rollout of the forward messages in Teams chats feature will begin, see the full timeline below:

  • Targeted release: Rollout will occur in late November 2023
  • Standard release: Rollout will occur in mid-January 2024
  • GCC, GCCH and DoD: Rollout will begin in late January 2024 and be complete by mid-February 2024

Once this feature has been released, users will be able to hover over the desired message and select the overflow menu where the forward option will be available. Once forward is clicked, a new window will appear where the user can choose who to forward the message to and add any additional dialogue for relevance.

Steps to forward messages in Microsoft Teams

  1. Hover over the message you wish to forward.
  2. Select the ‘3 dots’ overflow menu button.
  3. Click Forward.
  4. Enter the name of the user you wish to forward the message to. 
  5. Click Forward.
forward teams chats
Microsoft update - MC684532 - Microsoft Teams: Forward Messages in Teams Chats
Microsoft MC684532 - Forward this message
Microsoft update - MC684532 - Microsoft Teams: Forward this message

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