Create a New User in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

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I am going to show you how to create a new user in the Microsoft 365 admin centre. As a Microsoft administrator creating and removing users is one of the common jobs which you cannot avoid as your business grows. 

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Create a new user

  • Login to as your user or global administrator. One of the first things I like to is switch the view to ‘Dashboard View’ using the button at the top right. 
Dashboard view
  • Now select the Users drop down and Active users
  • Here, you can see a list of all users accounts within your tenant. Select Add a user
Add a user
  • You will be asked to setup some basics, use the below image as a reference as you complete the information for your user. Make a note that the user password will be automatically generated and the user will be required to change their password when they first sign in. We will opt to not send the password via email.
  • You must either assign a license to the user when you create them, or you can choose to create the user without a product license. You will be able to assign a license later on if you decide to create a user without a license, however if you do this, you will not be able to assign your users to any mail groups, this can only be done one the users mailbox has been provisioned.
  • You now have the chance to enter any optional settings. I highly advise you take the time to complete all profile information for your user. This will help you further down the line as you plan organise your user accounts and even automate certain administrative tasks. At this stage you can also assign any privileged roles to your user. I highly recommend, if this is the primary (day-to-day) account for this user, you keep the role as user only (no administrative access). If a user needs administrative access at a later date, a separate account should be created with that role.
Optional settings
  • Lastly, on the ‘Review and finish’ section, ensure you have completed the profile accurately and click Finish adding

There you have it! you have now created a user account in Microsoft 365. Be sure to move onto the next step covering how to Add a user to a Shared Mailbox in Microsoft 365.

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