How to Manage Microsoft 365 with PowerShell

PowerShell is one of the most powerful tools to manage your Microsoft 365 environment. Whether you are a support engineer, manager, consultant, architect or analyst, once you begin to automate your tasks and improve your own workflow with PowerShell, you will never look back!

Here at I have authored a wide range of tutorials to get you started using PowerShell to manage and maintain your Microsoft 365 environment. 

The majority of my tutorials use the Microsoft Graph PowerShell module, this is the latest and most up to date module for managing Microsoft 365 through the command line. It has replaced the soon to be depreciated Azure AD and Microsoft Online PowerShell Modules.

Getting Started

User Management

Group Management

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The rest of the tutorials below are in no particular order, other than being sorted by upload date, with the most recent first. You will find when working with PowerShell that every scenario is different and use cases may differ. You may find the solution to your problem below, use the search function to narrow down your results!

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